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DHB 2015

4. - 7. june 2015 Flyveplads Vandel, Vandel
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DKK 150.00

DHB for the 17th consecutive year. The greatest weekend ever! Packed with race, trophies and parties!

DHB 2015

This year we have outdone ourselves once again, with a great show. It’s going to be huge, and for the 17th consecutive year, you can experience the most wild and crazy show over an entire weekend, that’s ever been in Denmark. This year we start on Thursday, which means you’ll get one EXTRA day packed with party and race.  

Here’s some of the things you can experience:

-         The crazy and infamous 402-meter race, with both streetcars and unlimited classified cars that will exceed your wildest dreams.

-         Denmarks wildest drifting for the DHB drift challenge, with both rookies and prodrivers.

-         Styling competitions and the announcement of Danmarks Flotteste Bil.

-         Burnout arena! Burnout as much rubber as possible and make the wildest show, until you drive on the rims.

-         dB-drag competition.

-         Large street of exhibitors who offer great deals.

-         Huge parties EVERY night!

And ALOT more! We hope to see you for the largest car festival of Denmark.